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The Tribeca Film Festival has asked us to state that The Tribeca Underground Film Festival is not affiliated with, sponsored by or associated with The Tribeca Film FestivalŠ For information about The Tribeca Film FestivalŠ please visit the official web site at www.tribecafilmfestival.org

Laurence Asseraf founded The Tribeca Underground Film Festival in March 2004 in her gallery "A Taste of Art" in Tribeca, focusing on short films and allowing the vibrant New York City community of filmmakers to use her space as a forum to show their films and discover shorts from all over the world.

Due to the growing interest in the event, and the need for a place where shorts could be seen on a regular basis, in September 2004 she created the Shorts Screening Series allowing filmmakers to put together a program of shorts, and invite the directors and other participants to come to the screening of their films, and interact with the public in a Q & A session.

The festival has grown and is now entering its fourth year focused exclusively on short films, showcasing the best national and international short films in animation, documentary, experimental, and narrative categories.
Aiming at becoming the largest short film festival on the East Coast, it provides a cultural and entertaining forum while recognizing and honoring independent emerging filmmakers through a panel of judges from the entertainment industry who reviews the films and gives the awards.

TUFF has been threatened of a possible lawsuit by Tribeca Film Festival if it continued to use the word Tribeca in its name because it supposedly was infringing on their trademark, and created a possible confusion between the two festivals despite the fact that it had added the word Underground.

We don't have the will to go to court, and prefer to devote our energy to more positive causes and expand the scope of our audience to allow more and more talented indie filmmakers around the world to have a forum in our festival helping their voices to be heard in NY in our small but beautiful festival.

Therefore we have decided to change our name to BE FILM THE UNDERGROUND FILM FESTIVAL. You already knew us under Befilm.net you will now also find us under BeTUFF.net and BTUFF.net

Because we will remain true to the spirit of this festival tough on our choice of films, but always committed to widden their audience.

We will Be TUFF for you!

Laurence Asseraf
Founder & Director